Wednesday, 11 July 2012


rain rain rain....we really are getting fed up with all this wet here in the UK...and those boys at modern toss have it spot on with this cartoon!  however, there were a few breaks in the cloud over the weekend so my mate Jo and I enjoyed an evening at my "bar" sipping summer cocktails - like the awesome "party in a glass" from the best remedy made with coconut milk, white rum, lime and ginger syrup (which i had made earlier and stored in the fridge)...yum.
Party in a glass...and Jo's vampy True Blood nails!
the next day we wandered down to the new(ish) Everyman cinema in Maida Vale to see The Hunter.  this cinema is definitely a strong contender for my favourite in London (next to my local Lexi) - its a real gem with a great bar, lovely food and the screening rooms have SOFAS with footrests - absolute heaven. 
a little bit dark - but Jo wouldn't let me take it with the flash!
the movie was perfect for a sunday afternoon too with Willem Dafoe as his normally chiselled and cool self playing a mercenary paid by a biotech company to find a (believed to be extinct) Tasmanian tiger. 
its a slow paced little number, beautifully shot and very moving - especially in regard to the relationship he builds with a pair of children left to run wild by their doped up mother and the heart-wrenching ending.  when we left the cinema it suddenly poured down with torrential rain and we road the bus home through flooded streets....the start of another week of more rain, rain, rain.  will it never end.  
today there was another break in the clouds...just long enough to check on my sweet peas (they don't like rain!), mow the lawn and then cycle over to the local pool for a dip.  of course there was another downpour as i left the building....
some fellow swimmers....only one was prepared for the weather
then went for a quick fresh OJ at a local caff before pedalling home in the rain, again....spotted a couple of mattresses in the brief sunshine....
Leigh Gardens, NW10
Holland Road, NW10
and got home in time to feed some mackerel to one of the local strays that hang out in my garden - i've decided to name her Piewacket as she always makes me want to hum that tune from Bell Book & Candle - brilliant film with Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemon and the stunning Kim Novak playing a witch in contemporary New York with her cat familiar called Piewacket.
the stray that stays...tho i suspect Piewacket may have fleas!

the gorgeous Kim Novak...and Piewacket
and picked some lovely lavender and a random pansy from the garden...before they all get crushed to death!

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