Sunday, 4 September 2011

barflies & cocktails

the party invite pic...superflies (inspired by the brilliant modern toss)
so last week was the big launch of my new kitchen (and of course...the bar was ready for barflies) - needless to say, with the help & support of family & friends it was a rip-roaring success.   a few sprouts from Brussells arrived early and we had fun down in Brick Lane the weekend here's the week in
 spotted on Brick Lane - a piece by ROA - the belgian street artist
Kate, Jo & Zaki
we like....more humorous "street art"

i left a little something from mattressland...
super-mums Jo & Kate!
Zaki samples some pineapple punch on Brick Lane
and we go a bit candy-crazy
Rey Mysterio on the Docklands Light Railway
hey Rey...where's your bus pass?
Flygirl & Rey Mysterio sip babysham in the garden (in front of Ed's brill Battersea Power Station piece)
Dobro makes his mark on my garden wall!
the artist at rest (with Ed's piece again)
beautiful blue cooking pot - lovely housewarming pressie from Kate
the mistress of mattressland - getting the party prep started!
Kate & Lisa do a bit of "fluffing" for the party!
oooh...isn't the gaff looking gorgeous!
the gazebo's up (thanks to my Dad aka "the man who can") good job as it got a bit wet later on

1 x superfly for all the barflies on entry (chocolate, tequila & chilli - YUM!)
superflygirl Kate
superflylady Lisa!
the folks...goofing in the "nook" (summerhouse)
my Mum finds a feather boa the perfect accessory when planning world domination
later it all got a bit blurry (including all photos!)'s Steve with my fab cocktail shaker housewarming gift from Ben & Alex sleep, roughly 10am and Steve makes fab Bloody Marys, while we nibble on Kate's magic guacamole & leftover cheesecake I made earlier...a good hearty brekkie!
a few Bloody Marys (and still no sleep) later and Kate gets arty on my wall - isn't it just beautiful!
and Steve leaves his mark...FAB!
scary but sensational...thanks Steve!
...and the next day...its like nothing ever happened
all that remains...."where's my gin'n'tonic [hic]?"!!!
a BIG THANK YOU to all my lovely friends for making this the best summer party - even if the sun wasn't out too much, everyone shone and i am still glowing with happiness.  extra special thanks must go to my Mum & Dad and superflygirls Kate & Lisa for all their help...couldna done it without you guys!

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