Sunday, 4 September 2011

mattress updates - home & away

strolling out from work in Camden - Franca (lady of the lamp there!) and I spotted this on Arlington Road NW1
...and passed these two by Lords Cricket Ground on Lodge Road, NW8
have not posted for a while...busy enjoying the last dregs of summer...but here's a few mattresses i, and some other spotters have sent in lately...
sent in by roving reporter Russ, from darn Sarf London...
truly continental - from Lisa in Bruxelles!
delighted with this spotting - sent in by Drew from down East London way - it's the Edman on his recent trip from Melbourne!
and a couple more from over mattressland proper - spotted by me....
...from the top of the 18 bus on the Harrow Road (on my way to work the other morning)
...and just in the road beside my flat (Sellons Ave, NW10) i spotted this as i was coming home last night...home sweet mattressland home!
 I think its getting nearly time to start planning the 2012 calendar...might be quite an international affair this year!

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