Sunday, 4 September 2011

Californication - The Lost Boys @ Canary Wharf

2 x Coreys in one fine can't ask for better than that - the Frog Brothers RULE!
last night Canary Wharf became Santa Carla for a screening of  '80s classic The Lost Boys - thanks to future cinema and what an awesome event it was.  they really out did themselves with an amazing set complete with fairground, vampire cave, beach & grandpa's house (with taxidermy) but unfortunately the major downside was the lack of loos (about 9 portaloos for 3,000 people!), bars and food stalls - leading therefore to hour-long queues which meant some people didn't get to enjoy the whole experience.  luckily we got there early enough to secure a good spot for the film, got a drink before it got too manic (but no more the rest of the evening - apart from when i found a secret tequila bar behind the vamp's lair!) and i am used to a bit of "alfresco peeing" so ended up going behind a truck (not very nice for everyone i know, as it got bad later - but the organisers are fully to blame for miscalculating the needs of the high numbers of people - hopefully they've sorted some more toilet facilities before tonight's showing of Top Gun).  all in all though it really was an excellent night - we all had a great time and seeing the film again after so long was fab - we all sang along and there was lots of screaming and roaring....oh and the warm up DJ (think it was Guilty Pleasures) beforehand got everyone totally rockin' - well done guys...just get the Qs sorted next time, eh?!
queueing to get into California Wharf...first of many!
Santa Carla (murder capital of the US) Boardwalk
thank god we have protection from the Frog Brothers!
the Holy Finger (of the hand of God, natch) will smote all vamps with extreme vengeance - look out MOTHERSUCKERS!
my goddaughter Zoe (on the left) with her bezzie mate Demi - so gorgeous!
Zaki looking supercool!
waddya mean its not JAWS?! i was told to dress as a surfer, you can't have surfers without sharks i say!
vamps and bikers and frog brothers everywhere...that is one lucky kid!
Zak has a go on one of the bikes!
uh oh...the natives are throwing shapes.... look beautiful tonight!
we're all ready for it to start....
uh comes trouble!
and thanks to the Frog Brothers...fighting for truth, justice and the AMERICAN WAY...the residents of Santa Carla can all sleep soundly in our beds tonight!

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