Tuesday, 13 September 2011

typewriter redux

1960s Adler Contessa
1950s Smith Corona 5 Series
i am loving these gorgeous typewriters from NYC based kasbah mod.  they restore vintage typewriters to their former glory and in some cases also upgrade with a new paintjob.  am so glad that i recently asked my mum for my old turquoise Petite Super International typewriter (still in it's case) which was stored away in the attic. 
1970s Petite Super International
i remember receiving it as a birthday present as a child - but to be honest i think i only really began to appreciate its beauty as an adult (despite friends telling me i am hording enough junk and i should get rid of it) and would love to get it back into working order.  sadly i have, so far, been unable to locate a ribbon supplier as they don't manufacture them anymore.  perhaps i need to look up the kasbah boys on my next trip to NYC!

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