Monday, 5 September 2011


Zoe & Demi - bezzie friends 2011

having just spent a fab saturday night watching '80s classic The Lost Boys at Canary Wharf with my oldest bezzie mate Jo [tho she's only 27 of course, I hasten to add, ahem], her daughter Zoe & son Zaki and Zoe's best friend Demi - it's made me all gooey and warm inside.  it's always such a pleasure spending time together and WOW my goddaughter Zoe's beauty just takes my breath away - but it was also really great to see Zoe & Demi's friendship - it just reminded me of Jo & I and all the fun & frolics we've shared.  we've known eachother since the early '80s (when we were roughly Zoe & Demi's age now) and growing up together in what was a little oil town called Miri in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, when we were lucky enough to live the charmed life of ex-pat brats thanks to our parents working overseas.  now here we are 30 plus years later and we're still going strong...thought i'd share some photos from over the years and just wish Zoe & Demi the long and happy friendship...and lots of amazing adventures...that Jo & I continue to share!
yours truly & Jo in one of the annual plays put on to keep the boarding school kids occupied throughout the long party-filled summer holidays - this one was called Jeannie and we were singing/dancing along to "Quantanamara" - 1982-ish!

getting ready for a must've been christmas as thats one of the trees my mum used to put up to make it feel like we were back home in the UK - despite the boiling heat!
one of the many parties at our house - check out the groovy brown sofa (& Heineken cans in hand!)
Jo and I seem to be joined at the head a lot in these photos ....a sleepover at my house!
this was a New Years Eve Party...we had been having a good cry because it was the last holiday we would spend in Miri together [sob!} - around 1984ish
by now we've both moved to London - its 1991, my birthday at a tapas place in Hampstead - i've already been married, lived in NYC, separated and Jo & I have had a few years worth of serious raving under our belts!

Jo & I on holiday in Morrocco in 1993 - i don't even want to GO near the trouble we nearly got ourselves into - this woman is a liability - bloody hilarious tho!
me, Jo ....and ZOE (in mum's belly) in Cornwall, 1997
fast forward to summer 2010 - looking shiny and happy on a visit with another ex-Miri mate, Emma & her lovely family
...and just to show we're still big kids who love any excuse to dress up and act like idiots at the ripe old age of forty f....err 27!
same time, same place - me & Zoe...ha ha!
and, cos i'm just such a proud godmother i have to share these shots of Zoe (hopefully she won't mind i've pinched them from her facebook page) - soooooo gorgeous!
Zoe, 2011
like mother, like daugher - here's Jo in 1982!

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