Friday, 7 January 2011

attack of the ninja-bread men men on the loose...aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeya!

tonight i succumbed to the urge to make some ninja-bread men ...ha ha ha...great fun.  not sure about ninja...more like revenge of the blobby! the first batch got a little burnt and set my smoke alarm off, but i was wondering whether a battery replacement was needed so that was handy, and the next batch looked more tasty but still in need of some post-holidays weight loss boot camp!  i have quite a few and of course as always happens when you make things, you then don't feel hungry (hmmm may have something to do with the bowl licking!) but am sure i can chomp on a leg or two with a cuppa.  all in all tho they are pretty tasty for  a first attempt...only next time MORE GINGER, LESS NINJA!


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