Tuesday, 18 January 2011

old skool

 Paula & me...having a good giggle and reminiscing about school

 off for malaysian at C&R in chinatown

 Paula & Joe by the London Eye
Paula & I by Gib House (where she and Joe have lived since she left school)

i met up with an old school friend the other day.  Paula and i were at all girls boarding school Queensmount in Bournemouth together and its been at least 23 years since we've seen eachother.  it was so great because we just slipped right back into giggling together again, which hopefully didn't drive her husband Joe too mad throughout the day as we walked around the southbank, popped into Tate Modern and watched the skaters at Somerset House ice rink.  Joe took some lovely photos of us and it prompted me to scan a few from our school days which I had brought with me for us to cringe over!

 aww...bless us in our horrid green & gold uniforms! 
(i'm 1st on the left and Paula is 3rd)

 Paula & I with my lovely grandma at my 15th (i think?) birthday 
- look at all that healthy food!
 in our 6th form dormitory - Paula, me, Cathy & Victoria 
- looking like proper young ladies!
looking slightly more brazen and bold at 16
- Cathy, me and Paula with my brother at his school play!

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