Monday, 3 January 2011


i'm rather partial to a spot of amateur astronomy and am loving the new BBC2 show Stargazing LIVE which is on for the next 3 nights and is encouraging people to get out to gawp at the night sky, particularly as there are a few highlights this week.  tomorrow morning (8-9am) there is a partial solar eclipse on the south east horizon, the Quadrantides meteor showers (4-6am) and with Juptier visible in the night sky, Uranus is also lining up in conjunction this week.  there are over 300 events nationwide - check here for something in your area and here for basic tips to help you with your stargazing.  i hope to head to Parlaiment Hill or The Hub at Regents Park (courtesy of The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers) to see what i can spot this permitting of course as its been a bit cloudy lately.

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