Thursday, 6 January 2011

vogue addiction

February 2011 with Victoria bloody Beckham on the cover

the hideous and fake Cheryl Cole on the cover in October 2010
i have had a serious addiction to vogue and have been buying and saving them for years.  but my loyalty is waivering...mostly because i am disappointed with the appearance of not one, but two gossip-rag poptarts on the cover in the past 6 months.  first it was Cheryl Cole (ugh!) in October 2010 and this morning i see we have Victoria Beckham (gag!) on the February 2011 cover.  what is going on? Vogue you should be ashamed of yourselves.  i do not want to spend a whopping £4 a month to see these ultra-fake semi-slebs on my glossy - they should stick to the cheep and cheerless waiting room fodder if you ask me.  who next? Jordan...Kerry Katona...gawd...Mylene Klass?!!  this is your second warning, three strikes and my allegiance goes elsewhere.

evidence of my addiction - several years worth which had to
be moved into the kitchen recently, while work was being carried out at home

i decided to look back at the very first one that i have, probably not the first i bought but this is when i started saving them, from April 1984.  the shonky old advertisements do make you laugh but the fashion spreads are as amazing and relevant as today's....and back then it was only £1.60 and bigger for your buck!

front cover April 1984 with a swimsuit from Norma Kamali 
(they even list the scent was Je Reviens by Worth)

an advertisement for Rolex...back then it was only for the Polo set!
(nowadays worn by many a d-list sleb, dealer, pimp or city slicker)

 a L'Oreal ad - this was the "Rachel" haircut of it's day!

swimwear photographed by Paolo Roversi - who also shot the front cover
(i badly wanted hair like the red-head!)

amazing spread by Richard Avedon for Axon's African Collection.......[sigh]


  1. Dear Ms Onbeschoft,

    We too were outraged at the arrival of the February 2011 issue here at the liposculpture clinic. It really will not do to have HogFace's fugly boat staring gormlessly out from the waiting room coffee table and frightening the patients. I have enough on my plate with this malpractise lawsuit [totally trumped up charges, I never went near the nitrous oxide in that particular case] however I digress, I do not want to have to deal with a waiting room full of traumatised patients and have asked Nurse Göring to despatch a stern letter to Condé Nast as soon as she is released on bail.

    Kind regards,
    Dr Hugh Jarce, M.R.S.A. c.Diff(Hons.) Univ of Ebola, Namibia

  2. thank christ they listened...