Monday, 10 January 2011

mattress update

yesterday it was my friend Mandy's birthday and i met up with her and some of her lovely friends for lunch and afternoon drinks at the prince bonaparte in Chepstow Road. as usual it was rammed but we managed to bag a table and i had some delicious beer battered fish and chips, while another friend who ordered roast chicken was a little shocked when a whole chicken turned up on a huge wooden cutting board! i had cycled down so when it came time to wobble home after midnight, thankfully the roads were empty, and it was just me and several urban foxes - i spotted five on my way back.  i also spotted a couple of great mattresses.  by the time i got home there was a vixen howling in my back garden, she's been making a right racket the past few nights and apparantly is calling for a mate.  i told her she needs to get her furry butt over to Kensal Rise as all the other foxes are hanging out of there!
 on the way to Mandy's after the pub - Acklam Road, W10

 at the top of where my brother lives i spot a mattress 
and two foxes - Felixstowe Road, NW10

 what an absolute lovely i had to take a close up
- College / Ashburnam Road, NW10

and this morning i get an email from my aunty to say that she is babysitting for my cousin while he is in Paris for the weekend for his wife's 40th...and the only photograph they sent was this...ha ha...brilliant!

international mattress-spotting - Paris, France

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