Sunday, 23 January 2011

law abiding citizen

i was watching Law Abiding Citizen  the 2009 thriller with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx on the telly last night - about a man who takes justice into his own hands after his wife and daughter are murdered during a home invasion.  i nearly fell off my chair with laughter when roughly 37 mins into the movie Gerard Butler's character, who was being held in a maximum security prison after a couple of pretty gruesome revenge murders,  tries to negotiate deals with District Attorney Jamie Foxx and proceeds to offer a full confession in return for a BRAND NEW MATTRESS for his cell!  Gerard recounts in loving detail the perfect soft and cosy mattress he is looking for and after much pouting and refusals from Jamie - the DA's boss eventually tells him "a mattress for a confession, that's a good deal"...and to much hootin' and hollerin' from other inmates, the beautiful clean white bouncy mattress is delivered as requested - best bit of the film...ha ha ha.  i really should start compiling a Top 5 cinematic mattress moments...this would definitely get a top spot!
"gimme my goddam mattress fool!"

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