Wednesday, 26 January 2011


i am loving this animal inspired fashion from camille cortet (spotted via yatzer) tho to my heathen eyes - these collars resemble giant slinkys.  stunning uh.


F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo.
amazing digital animation by Candas Sisman spotted via yatzer


cutest vintage Margaret Smith fabric bags from here and here via pretty. little. world. - want one....tho i'm not entirely sure on what occasion i would use one!

sweetest tattoo

now that is a sweet tattoo...spotted via pretty. little. world.

Monday, 24 January 2011

nap time

never has a mattress been more needed than here - still, i would sooooooooo nap here (via pinterest) and have heavenly dreams...

first hint...

a first hint of summer...a lush blouse from anthropologie paired with this cute stripey hand me my G&T!


i know, there's still a nip in the air and summer seems far, far away - but seeing this gorgeous anthropologie swimsuit makes me think....summer's COMING!

wardrobe wannabe

comfy wrappy slouchy jacket (via pinterest), leggings and cute boots - lovely!


love these beautiful painted sticks from illustrator ginette lapalme spotted via sfgirlbybay.  this cute kittys playing hide'n'seek print is also hers...

lush leash

i love these dog leashes spotted via doggie blog phetched - they look like old school ties, but groovier.  they come with a detachable pouch for money/keys/poo bags and there are matching collars.  i'm tempted to get one even tho i don't have a dog....yet!


(image via oh joy )
ooh another delish little bag - check out this nifty little clutch from les composantes (spotted via oh joy). i love the way you can personalise it by removing the bow and accesorising with a scarf....gorgeous. i would normally go for the black...but i would be tempted by the taupe or miel actually....mmmmm.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

great fortune

love these cute little fortune cookie purses (spotted via i am a greed girl) made from recycled leather remnants.  i also spotted someone the other day with one of the gorgeous tan leather Grosvenor Satchel's from Radley - i think this purse would go perfectly with this bag but i must resist the urge as i'm currently on a budget!

law abiding citizen

i was watching Law Abiding Citizen  the 2009 thriller with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx on the telly last night - about a man who takes justice into his own hands after his wife and daughter are murdered during a home invasion.  i nearly fell off my chair with laughter when roughly 37 mins into the movie Gerard Butler's character, who was being held in a maximum security prison after a couple of pretty gruesome revenge murders,  tries to negotiate deals with District Attorney Jamie Foxx and proceeds to offer a full confession in return for a BRAND NEW MATTRESS for his cell!  Gerard recounts in loving detail the perfect soft and cosy mattress he is looking for and after much pouting and refusals from Jamie - the DA's boss eventually tells him "a mattress for a confession, that's a good deal"...and to much hootin' and hollerin' from other inmates, the beautiful clean white bouncy mattress is delivered as requested - best bit of the film...ha ha ha.  i really should start compiling a Top 5 cinematic mattress moments...this would definitely get a top spot!
"gimme my goddam mattress fool!"

Thursday, 20 January 2011


High Street Harlesden, NW10
i was on my way to a job interview this morning and upon discovering my usual bus stop was close i had to huff and puff and rush to the next one - and right opposite i saw this mattress - how auspicious.  i will find out later if i was successful...this could be forever known as the "lucky mattress"!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

old skool

 Paula & me...having a good giggle and reminiscing about school

 off for malaysian at C&R in chinatown

 Paula & Joe by the London Eye
Paula & I by Gib House (where she and Joe have lived since she left school)

i met up with an old school friend the other day.  Paula and i were at all girls boarding school Queensmount in Bournemouth together and its been at least 23 years since we've seen eachother.  it was so great because we just slipped right back into giggling together again, which hopefully didn't drive her husband Joe too mad throughout the day as we walked around the southbank, popped into Tate Modern and watched the skaters at Somerset House ice rink.  Joe took some lovely photos of us and it prompted me to scan a few from our school days which I had brought with me for us to cringe over!

 aww...bless us in our horrid green & gold uniforms! 
(i'm 1st on the left and Paula is 3rd)

 Paula & I with my lovely grandma at my 15th (i think?) birthday 
- look at all that healthy food!
 in our 6th form dormitory - Paula, me, Cathy & Victoria 
- looking like proper young ladies!
looking slightly more brazen and bold at 16
- Cathy, me and Paula with my brother at his school play!

Monday, 17 January 2011

pretty pretty wheel guards

surprise, surprise Dutch company Simeli have come up with these pretty rear wheel guards to protect your clothes while cycling (as spotted via Design Sponge).  I already have a guard fitted on my dutch bicycle - but i am still very tempted by these beauties!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

cookie monster

 mum and her pups....the wee one with her tail out is hopefully mine
if things go according to plan!
my friend Emma's lovely dog Bunny has just had pups (they are Cairn/Norfolk Terrier cross).  i think its time for me to get my longed for four-legged pal!  last night i had a strange dream - i found a lump on my neck, found myself falling in rivers a lot and had a wee dog called cookie-monster.  lets hope only one of those comes true...the last one obv!


oh yeah....this is my kinda card....(from here via here)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

wardrobe wannabe

more comfy cosy slouchy from see by Chloe via apartment 34

eggy weggy

mmm mmm delicious does this egg in a basket look...wish i had a spare avocado, i fancy this for brekkie tomorrow.  will have to go out and get one and have it monday. yum yum double yum. 

multi mattresses

 new tenants perhaps? Leghorn Road, NW10

these are breeding, the one on the bottom has been there at least a year
Leghorn Road, NW10
spotted a few on Leghorn Road yesterday when en route outta town for the night and then again on the way home today on Tavistock Road - all busy in bedsitland this January!
in the middle of the road goddamit - priceless!
Tavistock Road, NW10

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mattress Beauty

what a corker - spotted today on High Street Harlesden NW10...niiiiiice.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

wardrobe wannabe

cosy and cute cavern cape spotted via sfgirlbybay

Mattressland, Dublin

sent from a friend in north city messing about with being propped up against a fence/wall/whatever...its flat on the ground where it can be properly utilised. brilliant.  we need more international contributions!