Monday, 30 August 2010

big brother mania

whilest down in the cotswolds we watched the final of this year's big brother...Jo and I having been avid fans for the past 10 (11 years) shows! we did panic slightly when the powercut happened but thankfully it was all fixed in time.  we were all jollied up from our fancy dress birthday party and enjoyed every minute...especially with Josie winning (well deserved)...tho i was amazed that Dave the monk was 2nd...can't believe he was in it so long!
we had been lucky enough to go to the live eviction the previous week...courtesy of Jo's friend Tammy who managed to wangle us a VIP invite via a friend who works on the show.  we had an absolute riot - tho got into trouble as we went mising (ie for a drink and a fag round the back of the bar) and caused a "security situation"...i guess they were worried we'd jump the wall and end up in the HOUSE! 
we had a birdseye view of the four evictions (Steve, Corine, Sam Pepper and John James) and had a giggle with the security personnel.  i decided to re-introduce "Gull Girl" and wear my seagull hat - so we could be spotted on the telly - but as it turned out we were next to the paps and therefore not filmed...shame...or not probably! 
just a few more weeks and it will all be over as the final Ultimate Big Brother competition is currently playing out for the winner of all winners to be crowned.  whatever will i do with myself next summer...for all its faults (and there have been many, i know)...its been an interesting and entertaining experiment in reality tv!

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