Monday, 30 August 2010

a week in the cotswolds

just back from house-sitting in the Cotswolds.  friend's were away to Italy for a few days and needed someone to look after their newly arrived puppies so myself, Jo and her two delicious offspring Zoe and Zaki, volunteered with gusto.
the puppies were a delight and we had a blast...despite the torrential downpours...which at one point caused a powercut.  the weather didn't stop us making the most of our holiday though and we even went swimming in the rain at the local outdoor Lido.

as we so rarely get to spend time together we decided it would be fun to have a birthday party...for all of us...and proceeded to make it fancy dress - with hilarious results!  we had piles of pressies, a pinata in the garden, games and forfeits (some particularly eating vomit and bogey flavoured jellybeans and licking dog bones...brilliant!).

it really was a great deal of fun and my only wish is that we could have stayed longer...and the sun had shone!

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