Wednesday, 11 August 2010

perseids meteor shower

tomorrow night (at 10pm in UK) is the best time to watch the perseids meteor shower.  sadly is London is so light-polluted i'm not sure what we'll be able to see.  i am hoping to gather a few people to trek up to Hampstead Heath with a few blankets and flasks and see how we go...last year i watched this spectacular event from the middle of a field in Whitby and it was awesome....


  1. Hi, im going to see it tonitght too. Where are you up to in Hampstead? I wanna join.


  2. It's not looking too hopeful right now as forecast is cloudy at best (& rainy at worst!) but I'm gonna watch the skys and decide later....if I do go I'll head to Parliament Hill...

    Failing that apparantly u can watch here on the Uni of Herts Bayfordbury AllSky camera (not the same I know but.....)