Thursday, 12 August 2010


well...i never made it up to the Heath tonight to watch the meteor shower, cos there was totes cloud cover and lashing rain, but sadly it was mainly cos of news of the death of my friend's brother...which facilitated the decision to meet up for a bit of tea (ok, wine) and sympathy down at the castle on Portobello Road. en route we also happened upon the shift work thing going on by my mate's flat in  westbourne park - a meeting of street art masters to re-paint the concrete heaven that is the can watch them in action till friday and then from saturday its the public show...they've even got a groovy cinema thing set up.  after a few drinks in the pub...we were walking back again and spotted that they were showing Jean Cocteau's Orphee with the wonderful Jean sat down for a wee while and enjoyed the classic flick...which seemed very pertinent as the story centres around a poet who falls in love with "death"...kinda puts me in mind of Inception actually (which, yes, i enjoyed)...but that could be the wine-befuddled brain talking...

on the way home i bumped into an old friend of a friend who invited me to the cobden club on saturday as she will be singing i def plan to pop down west london way again.

after a quick bus trip home, i looked up to see...nothing....shooting i am watching the skies via the allsky camera at University of Herts...just in case!

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