Monday, 30 August 2010

outdoor cinema

summer always brings great outdoor film screenings.  so far this year i've been to see Manhattan and Black Narcissus at somerset house and stopped off at the pop up cinema under the Westway to catch Orphee.
in a couple of weeks time it will be Raiders of the Lost Ark at local Roundwood Park courtesy of the lexi - the programme also includes Mama Mia (in Roundwood Park) and Casablanca (in Queens Park) 
also coming up in September/October are FREE FILMS at the scoop on the river by City Hall - films showing include: Up in the Air, The Kite Runner, Bourne Ultimatum, The Hurt Locker, North by Northwest, Pretty Woman, Invictus, Up and Dirty Dancing
some clever people over east london have also gone and converted a derelict petrol station into  the cineroleum - tickets on sale on 2nd September for: Delicatessen, Badlands, Metropolis and The Third Man in the following week - aaah sometimes I LOVE LONDON!

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