Tuesday, 17 March 2009

big bangers

whilst strolling along the Kings Road today i was lured into Rigby + Peller for a bra fitting (thought i should get something new and jazzy to wear under the dress i bought for the wedding). cut to an hour later, after much huffing and puffing as the wonderful saleswoman cantilevered my whopping 40 G knockers into a selection of sexy plus size bras, i left the shop with 3 gorgeous new items having spent £180!!! seeing as i normally buy twenty quid bras from M+S i was shaking as i handed over the plastic. but it was all worth it because as soon as i walked out of the shop (she wouldn't let me put on my old manky bra - i had to put on a spanky new one!)....i found i could actually BREATHE....without even realising that i couldn't breathe properly before (the saleswoman pointed out it was cos my boobs were correctly positioned and the underwire wasn't effectively digging into my lower chest/lungs with the added bonus that they also no longer look like ski-slopes). how clever.


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