Monday, 16 March 2009

green eyed monster

i've been planning my outfit to a March wedding for a couple of months now and have been coming over all peacock-like and frantically pulling pieces together in the hope that my idea will work without me looking too daft. so far i have a beautiful green dress and am trying to make a peacock feather hairpiece having been influenced by these fabulous creations at LovMely's Etsy shop....

just turned the telly on to Fashion TV (my guilty pleasure/background wallpaper) and caught the tail end of a catwalk show for Brazilian streetwear designers Cavalera for their Spring/Summer 09 collection....and wow....this is the sort of thing i have in mind (if only i had the funds and a plane ticket to Rio!)

....just hope i can pull it off somewhere near as stylishly as these gorgous outfits (and of course the fact that they are wearing masks just makes it even more brilliant!) all i need is a green sequined jacket....yummmmmm...

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