Monday, 27 December 2010

Burmese Beauty

i have been trying to find out who painted this for ages...and flicking through the ads at the back of Vogue i finally find it...fantastic!  i now know that it is called "Saw Ohn Nyun" and is by Sir Gerald Festus Kelly.  there are indeed two additional versions that i have also found (so far, i have a feeling there are several more);  "Burmese Pearl" (girl in yellow sarong) and "Burmese Silk" (girl in pink sarong) and the sitter for these portraits was sister-in-law of the Rajah of Thi-Pawin Burma.
 they are so beautiful, but so sad....i am definitely going to get a which one?!


  1. picked up this at an auction recently - 1963 print in a beautiful frame - did you get one??

  2. hi
    yes i did manage to get hold of one - Burmese Pearl with the yellow sarong...and since then i have been seeing them everywhere (3 in one shop in Margate and 1 in a shop near me in London) which is spooky. i'm still hoping to get one of the other ones one day!