Saturday, 4 December 2010

duchess of malfi

earlier this year Noreen and i (aka the gadabout girls) went to see the fabulous collaboration between Punchdrunk and ENO as they performed a production of John Webster's gory jacobean play The Duchess of Malfi, in an enormous empty east London office block.  it was a truly awe-inspiring (not to mention exhausting from running around following characters play out scenes) and immersive experience and the finale left us dumbstruck with amazement.  i was thrilled to see the documentary aired on More4 tonight about the "making of" as it means i got to relive it all again, as well as being able to see the wondrous workings behind this amazing production.  i can't wait for the next one and would highly recommend that if you love mysterious theatrical audience participation then Punchdrunk are the masters and you should become a Friend of Punchdrunk (or "key holder")  to contribute to future works and get a heads up before new pieces go public because they always sell out fast.  read about some other Punchdrunk visits here and here but for a real the More4 documentary.

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