Sunday, 12 December 2010

pierrot & pierrette

so...i've been thinking a lot about  Pierrot & Pierrette (or Pirouette) lately...they crept into my subconscious a while back, like a blast from the past, and then - wouldn't you know it - the very next day i saw a whole bunch of sad and abandoned Pierrot figurines in a charity shop.  i managed to resist the strong urge to snap them up (only slightly regretting it now) but it made me think i really want to do that look at my next fancy dress outing -  so i've been looking for bits and bobs like this hat and maybe a ruffle....which i've always wanted an excuse to buy!
i remember, as a teenager in the 80s, the mad craze for Pierrot related nick-nacks, posters and whatnot  - which reached mass hysteria levels when David Bowie dressed as the little French clown in his Ashes to Ashes video....

and Steve Strange (who had a bit part in Bowie's video) took the whole white clown face up a notch with the Visage track Fade to Grey video......classic.

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