Friday, 17 December 2010

castle home

i just watched a Grand Designs repeat on the telly - perfect for a bit of house porn and domicilliary envy!  it was the episode about the restoration of a 15th Century peel tower in North Yorkshire by Francis and Karen Shaw. pursuing a childhood dream to live in a castle, the couple worked closely with English Heritage and local specialist craftsmen to restore this ancient building and the results are fantastic.  i was particularly taken by the addition of a new roof containing a large penthouse suite with a terrace - perfect for enjoying a gin & tonic and stunning views of the Dales.  happily, if you wish you can see it all for yourself because they offer boutique b&b and self-catering at Hellifield Peel Castle with the amazing attic apartment and other rooms - with four-poster bed options if you really want to go for the whole fairytale thing.  heaven. 

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