Saturday, 4 December 2010


i've long had a fondness for it but lately i am really loving YELLOW.  maybe it has something to do with the fact that the winter has mostly hidden the big yellow ball in the sky and everything around is grey, brown or with the recent snowfall, white.  i recently purchased a miniature enamel tea set from patchwork harmony which acts as a little ray of sunshine in my kitchen, along with my lovely yellow roberts radio.
to add a splash of yellow (and old fave orange) to my living room i stopped at the flower-geezer in hammersmith  tube station yesterday on my way home from work.  he's always a chatty chappy and he cheered me right up by discounting the flowers and throwing in a free sprig of fir because he loved my bright yellow snowboots....which prompted a hilarious philosophical discourse:

Him:  they're very yellow
Me:     those flowers are orange not yellow
Him:  no, them (points to feet) anyway those other flowers are pale yellow but those boots are reeeally bright yellow
Me: I can always find myself
Him: mean you bought them for existential reasons then because you needed to 'find yourself'....?
Me:    errr [i meant in the snow buddy] but yes!

Brilliant. Flowers & Philosophy - my kinda flower-geezer. and here they are in the vintage enamel christmas jug that i also bought from patchwork harmony don't they look lovely.
and of course, last but not least, for a final splash of yellow i must re-post a pic one of my favourite mattress-spottings...on Harlesden High Road, NW10 (mattressland central) in March this year...what a beaut....

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  1. Hi! thanks for your comment! Its lovely to see the pics of the items you bought and how you've used and displayed them.
    If you are on you can add them to the patchwork harmony group!

    Caroline x