Monday, 13 December 2010

robin love

everyone knows - any bird jewellery and i am totally i have naturally fallen in love with the cute bird range from New Zealand store boh runga.  i am particularly craving the silver and gold robin pendants and charm bracelets.
as mentioned on their site the Black Robin, which lives on an island just off the coast of New Zealand, almost reached extinction with only 5 left in the world. however, through dedicated conservation efforts, the Black Robin has had a miraculous comeback.  we in the UK, of course, have our very own national bird the gloriously chirpy chubby little Robin Redbreast - a welcome sight in my garden every day, especially during the winter months. we would of course be completely devastated if we lost them so i can really appreciate the Black Robin's success story and it makes these beautiful pieces of jewellery even more desirable as a reminder of the important role these little birds play in our lives. 
just as an added festive note - did you know the reason why robins feature so heavily on christmas cards and ornaments? it's because in Victorian times postmen wore red tunics as part of their uniform, they always worked over the christmas holiday period continuing to deliver cards and gifts and so they were often given the nickname Robin Redbreasts - the birds began appearing on cards, linking the bird and the postman and the tradition has stuck!

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