Saturday, 18 December 2010

winter mattressland

Fitzrovia Square

 Merry Ratty Christmas

well, the snow is back again and London looks clean, white and gorgeous...even mattressland.  it started yesterday and i spent most of the day in the centre of town sludging about on icey pavements, and managed to go flying and land on my bum - but at least it was in slow motion so not too painful.  i spotted a little ratty down the bottom of a building in Fitzrovia Street, a possible Banksy, tho personally i think it could just be an "homage".  then i took a bus up past Marble Arch and saw the colourful new jellybean family by the briliant Mauro Perucchetti - a wonderful spectacle, almost exactly on the site of the infamous Tyburn Tree gallows - favoured execution spot which also created quite a spectacle in its day (11th-18th century).
the jellybean family at Marble Arch

 having woken up this morning to even more snow i decided to don my trusty yellow snow boots and trek outside to gather supplies (in case i run out of food and the shops shut) and ended up completey blinded by the falling snow - but mattressland does look especially beautiful - now that all the rubbish and crappy pavements are covered in powder whiteness.
sadly the folks were supposed to be driving to London for the weekend, so that we could all exchange presents as we aren't spending the holidays together, but they are also snow-bound in Hampshire.  instead i decided to send them photos of their pressies so they can stick them under the tree - at least we'll have something extra to look forward when we exchange gifts in the New Year...snow-willing!

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