Tuesday, 28 December 2010


my christmas was pretty quiet because i decided to stay in London, to just see a few friends and mostly chill at home.  i spoilt myself on christmas day with my favourite brunch of eggs royale and after a bike ride and wander round the still snowy Roundwood Park to watch the sunset, followed by a visit to a friend nearby, i was at home in the evening for some christmas telly viewing and speciality cheese from Wholefoods, yum. 
of course, deciding to do it on the quiet meant that presents were thin on the ground on the big day - but i was delighted with my brother's gift - a large white ceramic bowl with coral or reindeer antler-like shaped edging - totally stunning. my folks were visiting my sick grandparents in Wales for christmas and boxing day so i wasn't able to see them till yesterday when we exchanged gifts and had lunch together. 
sadly i'm feeling a bit crook today (finally caught the dreaded winter bug going round) but despite having a runny nose, sore throat, earache and coughing non-stop - i am enjoying another blissful day in PJs. this morning i had a lovely cup'o'joe made by eeeeeeevaaaah my coffee-bot, some toast and marmite (from my special pot with silver engraved lid) and relaxing on my supersoft Kate Jenkins cushion - all lovely pressies from the folks. i am such a lucky girl!
now to start planning New Year's ...am thinking of heading down to the Tabernacle for their big bash with Dreadzone and Jerry Dammers as i managed to bag a couple of freebies and its not too far to weave home afterwards!

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